Sample HR Management Essay Paper on Online Training

            Today’s digital age has brought about new developments in the organization and education sectors. A vast majority of existing organizations have evolved and adopted online means of training their employees. I work in the Quality assurance department with a food manufacturing organization in San Francisco. On 26th February, our company used E-learning tool to train the employees on a new Quality Assurance technique. The online method of training mainly incorporated ideas from Gagne’s training design model and the adult learning theories (Kruse, 2009). Below are some important steps that were borrowed from Gagne’s instructional model;

            Creating attention:- The Company captured the employee’s attention by organizing a meeting where the speaker organized a comprehensive PowerPoint slides with pictures. The trainer introduced the topic of new techniques for quality assurance where he commenced his speech with an interesting fact and thought provoking questions.

            Informing the learner of the objectives:- The trainer informed the employees on the five key objectives that would achieve after every training session. This created an internal process of expectancy that captivated the employees to complete the lesson (Kruse, 2009).

            Stimulating recall of perquisite learning:-  During the first period of the session, the trainer initiated interactive discussion among the employees on the effectiveness of the techniques that were currently used as quality control and assurance method on products.

            Presenting the stimulus material:- After the interactive discussion session, the trainer introduced a PowerPoint slide describing the new techniques of quality assurance for manufactured products.

            Providing learning guidance:- The trainer used examples of case studies and graphical representation to inform the employees on the facts and merits of adapting the new quality assurance techniques.

            Eliciting the performance:- In order to assess whether all the employees had understood the new methods, the trainer arranged a practical session where the employees were physically viewed the equipments before performing quality assurance on a given sample product.

            Providing feedback:- The trainer who observed the practical session gave feedback to each employee.

            Assessing the performance:- The trainer assessed each employees performance after they had been instructed to perform quality assurance on a product without receiving help from anyone.

            Enhancing retention and transfer:- To enhance retention, the employees were required to perform quality assurance on different products using the new techniques. This was done for several days before the trainer acknowledged their expertise.

Online training is thereby increasingly becoming a popular learning and training technique in both the business and education sector. It is for this profound reason that our company integrated Gagne’s nine step training design model in a bid to completely transition from the traditional means of training to the online/electronic form of training.


Kruse, K. (2009). Gagne’s nine events of instruction: an introduction. Retrieved the, 10.