Sample HR Management Essay Paper on Importance of Human Resources in Health Care

Importance of Human Resources in Health Care

            The centrality of human resources development and management in delivery quality health care services is the central of this article. It is an overriding theme across various developed and developing countries, which provided case studies to highlight the authors’ discussions and arguments. Throughout the article, there are several issues that stood out for me.

  • Education and training of health care professionals: When customized to meet the needs of the population, health care professionals and organizations, this play a critical role in improving the quality of health care service delivery.
  • Immigration and quality health care provision: Developed countries have historically benefitted from migration of health care professionals. However, the developing countries have perennially suffered as many of their skilled, experienced and highly trained professionals move overseas in such of better opportunities.
  • Quality health care service delivery requires a multidisciplinary that requires the concerted efforts of the federal and state governments, professionals and private sector among other stakeholders.   
  • Effective human resources management, which is critical in quality health care delivery, is a product of astute and targeted staffing, performance appraisal, training and strategic employee retention strategies (Kabene, Orchard, Howard, Soriano & Leduc, 2006).

As an aspiring human resource specialist, education that is inexpensive and customized to meet the needs of the students and the job market is critical for my future professional development. The same also applies for immigration which affects the competitiveness of my country’s job market while also playing a critical role in the provision of essential public services. Moreover, the success of Canadian multidisciplinary approach to health care service delivery provides an important human resource management template that can be used across various professional fields including mine.


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