Sample HR Management Article Review Paper on Saudi Arabia Compliance with The International Labour Organization

Saudi Arabia Compliance with the International Labour Organization(ILO)

            According to Roy (2015) ILO is a global body that addresses labour problems and ensures social protection among workers all over the world. This body sets international labour standards and assesses compliance in member countries. ILO pursues good working conditions to workers, justice and provides the required technical assistance to developing economies. To enable a proper communication amongst its stakeholders, ILO is organized in three structures (Roy,2012, p.84). The structures ensure that the government, employers and workers are adequately represented. The mission and the core purpose of ILO is to end forced labor, child labor, discrimination and improve collective bargaining among workers for a decent remuneration. To fully develop the labor market ILO brings together trade unions, companies, businesses and government for social dialogue with a goal to improve working conditions and freedom of association among workers (International labour organization, 2012).

Saudi Arabia has enacted strict laws to enhance labor policies through the ministry of labor and industrial relations.        The international community has praised these efforts, especially those aimed at reducing youth unemployment. The participation of women in the economy has seen the Saudi economy increase and the status of women has improved tremendously. Tough guidelines on how private companies handle expatriates’ workers has made Saudi Arabia a top destination for skilled workers from abroad. According to Mahdi & University of Hertfordshire (2014),

The chart below shows the percentage of Women in Employment in Saudi economy

From the graph the number of women have increased from 2010 to 2015. This is an improvement that results from government support and the campaign for the inclusion of Saudi woman in the economy.

Saudi has complied with the international Labour Organization goals and objectives through improved training and education of its population to prepare them for the labor market which is highly dynamic given the high level of technological advancement. Businesses have amalgamated and others have created joint ventures to benefit from economies of scale. The laws have ensured that Saudi women are protected from sexual harassment while at work, health care has been intensified during maternity leave and women are highly protected from working in dangerous environment and late hours.


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