Sample History Term Paper Summary on the Korean War

The Korean War

The Korean War begun in 1950 after North Korea invaded South Korea by crossing the 38th parallel. The South Korean government reacted to the invasion by calling for help and planning counter attacks. Because of the invasion to South Korea, The United States responded by appealing to the UN to help the South Koreans fight off the invasion. Although the UN forces arrived in South Korea after the seizure of the capital city of Seoul by North Korea, they were able to get South Korea back their city by the end of two weeks. The Chinese government then entered the way in support of the North Koreans. Their main agenda was to reduce casualties through protecting Taiwan which they thought would be attacked by the South Korean forces. The retaliatory attacks were planned in case the UN forces crossed into North Korea, and comprised of surprise attacks so the UN troops did not see the Chinese forces coming.

The attack on the UN forces saw their retreat to the farthest corner of South Korea. However, there continued to be war across the boundaries, with the UN forces coming back to the 38th parallel and being thrown back again for three months. The war ended in July 1953 after 2 years of peace talk (Millet 1). Being a war between two nuclear powers, the impacts of the war were adverse. The death toll was very high, comprising of millions of people, all cities in North Korea and Some in South Korea were completely burnt down and economic losses incurred were huge. On the other hand, Japan benefited economically since the UN obtained labor and weapons from the Japanese government. It was thus period of economic restructuring for Japan (Stueck 145).

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