Sample History Response Paper Summary on Greek Culture

Greek Culture

The visions of the Greek society and the roles played by individuals in the society are described in various readings. There are comparisons in which the readings create the perception that the Greeks were deeply rooted in their religion. The readings further depict different gods that were worshiped with their human forms. The Greek gods were often portrayed as possessing supernatural powers and were ever beautiful regardless of being old. The readings also reveal that the Greek people enjoyed close relationships with their gods. In incorporating the powers of the gods, the Greeks are shown to have engaged in various ritualistic practices. An example of such rituals is that of animal sacrifices. The traits and love associated with Greek families is clearly depicted in all the readings relating to the Greek cultures. The roles played by individuals were diverse but also different from one person to another.

The social structure is presented as an essential component of the society in the Greek culture. Different people contributed towards the development of the Greek culture through playing important roles such as farming and modification of the social structure. For instance, boys were encouraged to engage in sports that were forbidden for the girls. Moreover, the dressing code that is prevalent in Greece was constructed through the societal roles. Women were restricted from public participation. It can thus be concluded that gender played a critical role in determination of personal roles in Greece. Males generally engaged in roles such as farming and hunting. On the other hand, women engaged in the more docile activities that mainly characterized domestic chores such as taking care of children and cooking.



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