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Homework Question on Purpose of federalist paper # 10

  • Write about the purpose and impact of federalist paper #10
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Homework Answer on Purpose of federalist paper # 10

Federalist No.10 was written by James Madison. The main idea behind the paper was the ratification of the United States Constitution (Madison, 1787). The paper was published on November 29, 1787 with an aim of enshrining the usefulness of the American union to safeguard people against domestic faction and insurrection.The federalist no.10 provided ways on how to address the differences that existed between people whom their interest was contrary to the right of others. Additionally, the paper had the provisions for controlling the violence and damage caused by factions by establishing a representative form of government in which the citizens elect few people of their choice to govern.

The federalist No.10 clearly identifies the two ways of removing the causes of faction. The first involves destroying the liberty essential to existence of the factions. The second is to give everyone equal opportunities with regard to their similarities in opinions, and interests. Unequal distribution of property is the major source of faction as identified in the paper and therefore, this factor made Madison to purposely rule that having a representative form of government was the only way to control faction effect that existed in the large societies.

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Notably, the federalist paper No. 10 provided extra insight for political formulations to enhance stability and justice under the United States’ new constitution

Impact of federalist paper #10

It led to the rise of Anti-federalist groups.These groups invoked the paper in a dissent against a ruling supporting limits on campaign contributions and they preferred a political system that harnessed such faction for preserving liberty while at the same time ensuring good government (Inman, 535)