Sample History Research Paper Summary on How the CIA Used Rick Ross to Push Drugs into the Black Ghettos to Ruin the African American Community

How the CIA Used Rick Ross to Push Drugs into the Black Ghettos to Ruin the African American Community

In the 1980s, drug consumption in the United States was very rampant. As the government institutions tried to make amends to the practice by controlling the misuse of drugs, some members of the CIA decided to take advantage of the situation and gain from the benefits associated with drug dealing. To accomplish their objectives, those CIA cohorts decided to use ‘Freeway” Rick Ross to carry out their deals as he was in contact with the African American communities which engaged in drug use. Through Rick Ross, the CIA made millions of dollars in drug dealings until he was arrested and imprisoned. Rick Ross reported having sold more than three million pounds of cocaine in a day. It is approximated that the drug sale yielded more than six hundred million dollars through the time it ran.

Rick ‘Freeway’ Ross worked in connection with several other people in the CIA, the police and the drug enforcement agencies. A school drop from Los Angeles; he was recruited by a CIA informer named Blandon in 1981. Blandon was also a drug dealer and Rick Ross his biggest customer. The network, which was led by a Nicaraguan master mind in collaboration with other Nicaraguan and CIA members, supplied drug to the underground drug dealers who operated within the African American neighborhoods. The black – white communities were willing buyers in the dealings, collecting the drugs from Rick Ross who acted as the connection between the suppliers and the buyers. The money generated from the sale of drugs was used for the purchase of weapons by the gangs. Although Ricky operated with Blandon and another partner named Menesess who was also a member of the CIA, he was not aware that Blandon had a lot of military connections.

Rick Ross had a lot of connections which made him obtain drugs at lower prices than others. As a result, he was able to sell them at even lower prices to the black Americans who were his greatest customers. Through the CIA, he was able to obtain some of the drugs without deposit hence selling them faster and much cheaper than other dealers (Cooper, p. 80). The drugs were sold to gangs in large amounts and they preferred to deal with Ricky due to his connections. The CIA engaged in the sale of drugs because their key objective was to end the African American population that they targeted through Rick Ross. Some of the notable effects of crack during those years included increased school drop- out rates as the youths engaged in drug use, increased participation in negative social behaviors leading to high incarceration rates and increased mortality among other impacts.

The engagement in drug use also led to abandonment of children and deteriorated living standards. The aim of the CIA is linked to the destruction of the African American societies that lived in Los Angeles. Through Rick Ross, the CIA also led to the development of gangs in the community.  The gangs were aimed at finishing the communities by making them kill each other due to lack of education and employment. The expected results can be said to have been achieved as many of the blacks engaged in drug use while the gangs terrorized the communities. Ricky Ross was finally arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, an appeal finally resulted in ruling in favor of Rick Ross, landing him only 20 years imprisonment (Cockburn, p. 23).




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