Sample History Paper on Voice of Freedom Chapter One

Module one

Voice of Freedom discusses the liberty of citizens and the extent to which everyone within a nation is allowed to share their ideologies. According to the Voice of Freedom, one ought to express what they feel without any hindrances. The world is currently democratic unlike in the past. The fight for democracy and civil rights took centuries to win. However, the war was won, and now everyone can enjoy the freedom of expressing themselves. The church leaders, for example, have the courage to speak anything with regards to their faith without fear or favor. This is not like before when people could be arrested for speaking against or for a particular faith (Eric Foner, 5).

The freedom to talk what we think is traced by using the history of early Europeans. From the time they began having strong governance to the time they ruled other nations until the US became a superpower. In the old days in Europe, the monarch system citizens had little input matters affecting. Important decisions were made by the aristocracy. The dictatorship was the order of the day even as the Europeans fought to conquer the world. In those days, the prosecution was the preferred punishment for law-breakers. Laws were like a penalty, and everyone had no option but to abide by the rules. People got tired of the legislation and fought to attain their independence. This acted as a lesson that any sane person can never die in slavery but will one day fight to free themselves. With freedom, came liberal ways of thinking which gave everyone the right to do anything or say whatever they deem fit provided it does not infringe the rights of other people (Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography 136).

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