Sample History Paper on US Government

You are to answer the following questions in your own words. Please post the questions with your answers in the text box below to submit your work. Remember to use complete sentences, use proper grammar, and don’t forget to proofread and spellcheck your work before submitting it.

Do not submit text that you have copied from sources, including websites. All of your work should be in your own words. Using copied text would be considered plagiarism

Short Answer – Answer the following questions using 2-3 complete sentences.  While the vast majority of the answers can be found in the text, links, or videos that are provided, some outside research will be necessary at times.  Students are always allowed to research sources outside of the lesson.

1)  What Article of the Constitution created and describes the power of the Executive Branch?


2) In what ways have the President’s powers been both Constitutional and evolutionary?


3) List and explain the President’s Head of State Powers.


4)  List and explain the President’s administrative powers.


5)  Using Supreme Court Justices as an example, pick two Supreme Court Justices and explain the process by which they were nominated to the Court.


6)  List and explain the President’s legislative powers.   Be sure to include the following in your answer:

How does the President influence legislation?  What is the State of the Union Address?


7)  List and explain the President’s powers as Commander-In-Chief.  Who declares war?  When was war last declared?


8) Explain the importance of the Oath of Office. What does the President promise to do by taking the Oath?


9)  Explain the qualifications for being president.  In addition, answer the following:

  • What length and number of terms can a President serve?
  • How can a President be removed from office?  Explain the process.
  • Who are the only presidents to be impeached?  Were they successfully removed from office?


10)  Explain how each of the following Presidents increased the power of the Executive Branch:

  • Andrew Jackson
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Franklin Roosevelt



For the following questions you may refer to the link provided for additional information.  

11)  What is an executive order?  What part of the Constitution is cited as giving the President the authority to issue executive orders?  You may consult this source if needed.


12)  Give an example of a recent executive order.  Summarize the order and give an opinion regarding its content.  You may consult this source if needed.


13)  Explain the purpose of the War Powers Act of 1973.  How has this act been controversial?  Consult this site for research?  Give two examples of Presidents trying to avoid complying with the War Powers Act.



Apply Your Knowledge – Conduct Internet research and answer the following questions using 5-7 complete sentences. Be sure to cite your sources. 

14)  Answer the following make-believe scenario.

In a zombie apocalypse, the President and the Vice President have both had their brains eaten and have become zombies.  Which two officers of our federal government are hopefully not in the same bunker?

Hint:  This question is asking what two government officials are in line of succession to the Presidency after the Vice President!


15)  First ladies (This will be a first man at some point in the future!) perform a vital but often under-appreciated role in our government and society.  Research one of the first ladies and summarize her accomplishments in a paragraph.


What’s Happening In American Politics Today?

16)  As we learn about how the government of the United States was formed and how the government operates today, I’d also like to encourage you to keep informed of current political news.

Take some time to read or watch the news by using the following sources.  Be sure to use at least one source from list A and at least one source from list B.  Since Whitmore School is politically neutral, we want our students to be exposed to both the conservative and liberal points of view on important issues.  Find an issue/news story that is reported/commented on in a source from each list.  Then, research the issue/news story and complete the following:


Source List A

Fox News broadcast or



Source List B

CNN broadcast or