Sample History Paper on The Queer History in Denver

Use online materials including pictures, websites, and videos to create a long project about queer history in Denver.
The main resources that will be used are:
1. The Center on Colfax: The Center is an LGBTQ+ community center in Denver that has been active since 1976. They have a wealth of information on the history of queer activism in Denver, including archives, photographs, and oral histories.

Colorado LGBTQ History Project

Research & Resources

2. The Denver Public Library: The Western History and Genealogy Department at the Denver Public Library has a significant collection of LGBTQ+ history materials, including books, newspapers, and archival materials.
3. Queering the Map
Goals: This project aims to showcase the diversity and vibrancy of queer life and activism in Denver, Colorado.
Challenges: One challenge of this project could be navigating sensitive or controversial topics related to queer life and activism in Denver. Additionally, creating a comprehensive and accurate portrayal may be challenging, as some information may be difficult to find or may be disputed.

Other useful websites: