Sample History Paper On The Islamic Golden Age history

Homework Question on The Islamic Golden Age history

Essay #1

1.Describe what is meant by the “Golden Ages” of history. Define the types (at least 4) of advancements that emerged during this period. Provide examples of this in conversations we have had in class as well as from your readings. What are the implications of some of these advancements on modern society?

Essay #2: 

2.During the Abbasid Empire there were policies that lead to the Persianization of the empire. Explain these policies and processes in more depth. Discuss the implications this had on Islamic society. How did this affect the narrative of Islam?

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Homework Answer on The Islamic Golden Age history

Golden Age history is a time when the cultural life of any civilization flourishes and leads to significant developments that are quite relevant to the cultural and intellectual life of humanity. During the golden age period, society enjoys not only the intellectual and cultural achievements but also a healthy economy and a stable government that is ever expanding. An example at the time is the Islamic Golden Age between 7th century and the mid-13th century where Muslim leaders were able to establish one of the biggest empires known in human history.

During the period, numerous contributions were made to agriculture, economics, philosophy, medicine, technology, and literature by adding innovations and preserving earlier traditions.  Four advancements that emerged during the period were in the economy, agricultural productivity, industrial growth, and in the technology facet.

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  1. Economy

The Islamic Empire during the golden ages made a significant contribution towards globalization and international trade that is still practiced to date. It is at the time that the empire ensured that knowledge, economies, and trade from previously isolated civilizations and regions began integrating through making contact with Muslim traders and explorers.  Through such interactions, their trade networks extended from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the west in Indian Ocean and to the east in China Sea.