Sample History Paper On Reconstruction and Change after the Civil War

Homework Question on Reconstruction and Change after the Civil War

Write essays of at least one page each on the following topic and include a picture for each essay:Reconstruction.

  1. How did the lives of African Americans change after the Civil War?
  2. In what ways was the South unchanged?
  3. Examine key events to show how Reconstruction was both a failure and a success.

Homework Answer on Reconstruction and Change after the Civil War

The culmination of the fight to edge oppression in 1877 saw the African Americans into liberation from oppression. They created togetherness, enjoyed life that was out of their imagination. Elders and the community at large organized a more formal way of life by coming up with various institutions like schools and worship centers. The central activity meant to reunite and solidify separated families as a result of deportation.

Liberation came with the essence of having to enjoy marriages by couples. Worship centers and community bonding  become the main pillar of freedom and courage for the blacks (Library of Congress).The southern remained the same in various forms: Anarchy can still be observed in some areas. For instance, the scenario in the transport sector where a worker refuses to give a seat to a white. The response was the cruelty of the persons attempting to call for freedom (Suits  21).

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Second, some monuments where the activists demonstrated like the Birmingham bus terminus remains with the same markings. At the Atlanta station, blacks can still be seen demonstrating the unchanged southern by forgetting the word of liberation.  Statistics indicate  that blacks are still languishing in poverty and oppression (Suits  22).Even after the end of the civil war, the slaves did not know how to deal with their freedom as it was not common to them.