Sample History Paper on Louisiana political culture

Discuss Parent’s conclusions by writing an essay which answers the following:

Which groups, according to Parent, are involved in this ethnic mix of people that make up Louisiana political culture? How do their interests differ? How does this lead to the “unpredictable” nature of Louisiana politics?
What factors make (or at least made in the 20th century) politics a favorite “Sport” in Louisiana. In other words, why do people enthusiastically participate (use Parent’s book— don’t make any assumptions).
What factors make Louisiana state government powerful? How does Parent characterize this power? Do you agree?
How are local governments influential in Louisiana?
Has Louisiana politics changed in recent years (you’re welcome to look at acceptable sources besides the Parent book and the textbook).
After reading the book, name the four most influential Louisiana politicians in the 20th century and explain why they are the most important.

I need to include specific examples of either specific elections, leaders, laws, etc. from Parent’s book to back up your assertions.

Footnotes as well please