Sample History Paper on Democracy, Nationalism, Social Consciousness, and Anarchism

Assignment 2: Democracy, Nationalism, Social Consciousness, and Anarchism (15%) – Instructions and Submission


The assignments have been designed to help you integrate and apply the concepts you have learned up to this point. These concepts provide a foundation on which other course concepts are built. Assessing your comprehension will help ensure that you are on track to successfully complete the course. Refer to the Assignments section of your course for general guidelines on preparing and submitting assignments.

The activities in this module have introduced a range of historical issues and interpretation of the nature and character of terrorism. This assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the themes or terrorism events discussed in the module commentary and associated readings. The module activities are the foundation for this assignment; a review of the readings should introduce you to the historical debate and opinion on the assignment topic.


Footnotes, citations, and bibliography must conform to the Turabian Style Guide.

Part A. 80% of the assignment grade

Select a subject or thesis from the list below that you would like to examine, analyze, and discuss.

  1. Devotion to pure Utopia, and revolt against a polluted society, are the two poles which provide the tension of all militant creeds. Discuss.
  2. Terrorists are always outsiders.Discuss with specific reference to nineteenth and twentieth century terrorists.
  3. Terrorists are mouthpieces of a declining stratum of society.
  4. Private morality is the final determinate of terrorism.Discuss and evaluate how the advance of individualism and rejection of tradition contributed to the rise of terrorism.
  5. Terrorism is nothing more than individual revenge. Discuss.
  6. The advent of mass media gave rise to nineteenth and twentieth century terrorism.
  7. Terrorism is a natural outcome of the imbalance between the overwhelming power of the state and weakness of the individual. Discuss.
  8. It would be fair to say that terrorism owes much to the efforts of the state and police to discredit internal dissent. Discuss.
  9. Terrorism is the modern-day version of tyrannicide.
  10. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was, pure and simple, an act of terrorism that brought about the Great War (WWI).

Part A should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font size, and should not exceed 7 pages in length. Page setup: 1 inch margin on the left and right sides of page.

Part B: 20% of the Assignment Grade

Write a brief report that demonstrates your work on the module activities and postings to your personal journal. As the modules contain a broad range of activities it will be impossible for you to discuss all of your efforts in the page limit set for this part of the assignment. However, your report should present a fair representation of the activities that you attempted and evaluated. It should also provide an overview of your thoughts and personal musings on the historical problems and issues introduced in the activities, and what you learned in this module. You can refer to questions that arose from your work on the activities. DO NOT copy and paste from your personal journal. Part B is a synthesis of your ideas on the subject(s) raised in the module activity.

Part B should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font size, and not exceed 3 pages in length. Page setup: 1 inch margin on the left and right sides of page.