Sample History Paper on Australia, Canada and New Zealand

Australia is becoming a more and more attraction country, and many people are migrating
there. For various reasons, many people from South East Asia, the UK and Africa prefer to
reside there having heard the country provides many excellent opportunities from their relatives
or friends already living there. Australia is featured as one of the best countries in the world to
live in due to its strong economy, many well-paid jobs, modern lifestyle, high standards of living
and an excellent reputation for welcoming migrants.

Listed below are just some of the main reasons people have chosen to migrate to Australia:

1) Career opportunities: Through the economic global financial crisis, Australia's
economy has proven to be resilient, and continued growth expected in the future due to
its proximity to Asia. Australia brings skilled workers each year on long-term visas due
to its low unemployment rate and lack of skilled workers. Statistics show that via
permanent employer-sponsored work visa options, most workers tend to stay in Australia
once settled.
2) Quality of life: Many choose Australia their home simply because of plenty of fresh air,
low levels of pollution and a small population in a vast country of superb natural
landscapes and breathtaking sceneries. Australia has a coastline of over 36,000
kilometers, countless beaches along the coast for activities such as camping, fishing and
bushwalking and protects its natural heritage with over 500 national parks.
3) Education: Many students come to Australia to receive a high level of university studies
due to its high education standards. With over 350,000 international students in Australia,


the education sector continues to provide significant contributions to society and
economy, demonstrating it's a pleasant study environment and place to experience life.
4) Love purposes: Many Australians have fallen in love with foreign partners during their
travels and tend to settle in make Australia their home. To those married to Australian
citizens, expected to marry Australian partners or as permanent residents, partner visa
options are usually provided.
5) Family: Through family stream with visas, Australia’s visa program allows for family
reunification available for parents, remaining relatives and dependent relatives. The
number of entrants is usually capped via management of migration program each year.
6) Diversity: With so many Australian born overseas, the country is a multicultural society;
thus, new migrants adapt to the culture and feel at home. Throughout the year, influential
cultural groups usually conduct lively festivals around the country. Harmony Day; a day
Australians celebrated their cultural day and came together in mutual respect of each
other's culture, coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of
Racial Discrimination on March 21 st .
7) Security: Due to the community-minded nature of the people, Australia has a low crime
rate compared to other nations, and this provides a safe place to live and raise a family.
Besides, refugees fleeing from their homeland due to war or prosecution usually get
home to reside in Australia.
8) Climate: Generally, mild winters and warm to hot summers experienced in Australia.
The northern part is tropic in winter, the southern part is cold, and both experience hot
and dry temperatures in the summer. During winter, Victoria and New South Whales
enjoy regular snow in the high country. Still, it's the many sunshine hours and long balmy


evenings that attract migrants to Australia, especially those escaping long dreary winters
in the UK and northern Europe.
9) Lifestyle: Most significant part to Australians is their laid-back lifestyle where they like
to spend time with their families and friends. Many Australians have perfected work-life
balance as an art form with family picnics, gatherings, parties, and a day at the beach as
part of their way of life. Australia is rich in fresh produce and many restaurants, wineries
and markets to enjoy.
10) Sports: Participation rates of sports in Australia are something of a national obsession.
Among the most played games are Cricket, Australian Rules Football (AFL), Rugby and
soccer are becoming ever more popular. Every town has tennis and netball courts,
bowling greens and athletic clubs with impressive golf clubs. Beaches make a life for
surfers comfortable with life-saving surf clubs set aside. Besides, there is never a
shortage of sporting events on the sports calendar.

The highly qualified and experienced Migration Agent under the office of MARA provides
the following Visas for onshore and offshore clients: Student Visas, Permanent Residency
Visas(PR), Skilled Graduate Visas(TR), State Sponsorship, Parent Visas, Visitor/Tourist Visa,
Partner/Spouse Visa, Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), Business Visas, Employment
Nomination Scheme (ENS), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme(RSMS), Working Holiday
Visas, Family Visas, Extension of stay while in Australia And Submission of Section 20 Notice.


b) Canada

Canada Immigration

Prospective candidates settle in Canada from across the world since Canada immigration is
one of the fastest moving programs to support the act. Canada has a population approximate of
30 million and one of the G-7 nations and the second-largest country in the world. Canada has a
health care system ranked one of the best in the world and is a highly developed country with
excellent working conditions, an outstanding education system and very high living standards.
For five consecutive years, Canada is the best place to live as ranked by the United Nations. The
country is composed of immigrants from every nation in the world and welcomes 200,000 new
immigrants yearly.

Express Entry Program

From January 2015, an online system for managing permanent residency applications
referred to as Express Entry got established. The three programs under Express Entry are the
Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Program.
Express Entry via Comprehensive Ranking system is a point-based system for selecting the
qualified, skilled candidates based on competitive selection method and not First Come First
Serve basis.

Criteria required for entry eligibility is to meet the requirement for one of the listed
programs, register with job bank to connect one with employers, though not mandatory. To add
on that, you need to meet minimum language criteria, valid education credential assessment for


foreign qualification and skilled work experience in NOC 0, A and B (12 months of full-time or
part-time work experience).

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Then ten provinces and three territories in Canada have separate immigration categories and
programs with each participating area containing its combinational guidelines. To apply for PNP,
individuals should check the eligibility criteria for each province. PNP is for workers with skills,
education, work experience to the economy of a specific area or territory and want to live and
become a permanent Canadian resident.

For permanent residency, a team member of Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council
of Canada (ICCRC) will guide you under any of the following programs: Québec Skilled Worker
Program (QSWP), Program Experience Québec (PEQ), Federal Skilled Worker Program
(FSWP), Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Canada
Experience Class (CEC), Sponsorship of spouse and children, Québec Immigrant Investor
Program (QIIP) and Customized Business Immigration.

For temporary residency, this applies to those who are not Canadian citizens but are in
Canada legally for temporary purposes; as international students, foreign workers or tourists.
Permits which lead to the temporary residence once you qualify for them include Visitor Visa,
Study Permit and Work Permit.


c) New Zealand

This country is also among the best places in the world to work and study. Nevertheless, why
choose New Zealand to live? Here, you join the friendly culture of New Zealanders or "Kiwis".
Besides, enjoy the vast and cinematic landscape, sports; netball, rowing, rugby and backyard
cricket, adventures of the coastline, word-class and high-ranking tertiary education, warm and
mild climate, many nearby holiday destinations and to sum up, mouth-watering cuisine and fine

To get right Visa for your work to live permanently or temporarily, licensed advisers, set
aside to help in this role. Advisers help one gain access to the following Visas: Skilled Migrant
Category Resident, Partner Visa, and Work to Residence, Working Holiday Visa, Working Visa,
Student Visa and Visitor Visa.



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