Sample History Paper on Analysis of the Declaration of Independence

In the late 1970s, British colonists in the United States rebelled against King George III because he had violated their inherent rights. The document that describes these rights as well as the King’s violation was called the Declaration of Independence. Undoubtedly, the Declaration has been the basis of reference for many rebellions and movements since its creation. The document has a timeless feel to it due to the language used and the dynamism of the clauses.  The timeless nature of the document can be attributed to its language and flexibility. Its influence is felt in many nations and spans over several decades. Indeed, the Declaration of Independence has a lasting impact because it has been cited and used to empower people over 200 hundred years after it was conceived.  

The language as well as the syntax used in the Declaration of Independence enables the document to have a certain flexibility that enables the opportunity for it to be applied to other scenarios since it appeals to humanity and the fundamental essence of mankind. It acts as a robust assertion that goes above place and time since its concept symbolize the lasting desires that are applicable in the modern world.  The Declaration has had a large influence on many groups in the efforts to state their grievances and claim their rights in many regions across the world and in different time periods (Wills, 2018). The terms used in the documents developed in these preceding struggles demonstrate the impact of the American Declaration and its long-lasting impact.

It is necessary to illustrate what a declaration means to comprehend the impact of the Declaration of Independence. Historically, declaration referred to a public document created by an agency (Jayne, 2018). In legal realms, it is a form in which a plaintiff states his complains in detail. In diplomacy, it is considered a formal announcement by an official international agency.  The exploration of these definitions starts to facilitate a clearer picture of the goal behind the document. As a global manifesto, the declaration was not a new concept, instead it was the accusations and assertions presented in it that were outstanding. The writers of the document, mainly Thomas Jefferson, were familiar with the ramifications of such a document (Wills, 2018). Indeed, the document asserts that The Continental Congress wanted to state honest facts the world; which serves as proof of the awareness of global focus declaring independence would bring to America. As such, the Declaration of Independence is a document internationally and publicly submitted to state the offenses that King George 11 had committed and declare the sovereignty of the United States.

The terms used to develop the declaration make it a timeless document that can appeal to many people. The statements in the document have repeatedly been used to power movements and revolutions across the world. Undoubtedly, the Declaration of Independence stands as one of the greatest manifestos ever drawn up in the history of mankind. 

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important documents in the United States. Although it was drafted centuries ago, it is still used to empower people in America. Whereas the document was drawn up to state the grievances of the colonists to King George III, it has ended up serving a wider purpose in America because of its makeup and language. It is likely that it will continue being influential for a very long time.


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