Sample History Essays On World War II

Homework Question on World War II

Pick ten of the following fifteen people, places, and events. Describe as completely as possible in 2 or 3 sentences. (2 points each)

  1. the Holocaust
  2. Albert Speer
  3. Kamikaze
  4. Clement Atlee
  5. Operation Overlord
  6. Nagasaki
  7. Einsatzgruppe
  8. Belsen-Bergen
  9. Fortress Europe
  10. Harry Truman
  11. Chester Nimitz
  12. Potsdam
  13. The Marshall Plan
  14. The Berlin Airlift
  15. West Germany

Pick one of the following three questions. Answer it as completely as possible (5 points each)

  1. Explain the U.S. strategy in the Pacific.
  2. Explain what happened at Yalta.
  3. Defend Eisenhowerís ìbroad frontî strategy in Europe.

All students must do the following question. (15 points)

Show how Americaí policies in the 1920ís – 30ís led to the outbreak of World War II and what steps were taking after the Warís end to help insure that this would not occur again.

Homework Answer on World War II

Question 1

  1. The Holocaust was the genocide of about six million Jews during World War II. This mass murder was executed by the Nazi Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Party. The genocide snatched the lives of about one million children, two million women and two million men from the Jewish religion. Over 400,000 armaments were used to kill the Jews in Germany and other territories occupied by Germany.
  2. Albert Speer was the chief architect in Adolf Hitler’s administration for a section of World War II. He acted, as the Minister of Armaments in Hitler’s government and his participation in the persecution of Jews are still questionable up to date. Part of his major project as an architect was the construction of the Reich Chancellery, which was used to hold Nazi Party

Homework HelpClement Attlee served as British Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951 under the Labor Party. He also formed a wartime coalition government with Winston Churchill before winning the election in 1945 to become the Prime Minister. He made history of being the longest serving leader of the Labor Party and the first to lead Labor majority in Parliament.