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Homework Question on Western Civilization

  1. Trace the historical events, crises, and values of the 1300s that led to the beginnings of the Renaissance.
  2. The Renaissance first developed in Venice and Florence in the 1400s. Why did it first arise in these two city-states? Describe and discuss the history of one of these two cities, including what in its past had prepared it to embrace the Renaissance. What was happening in that city in the 1400s that made it different from other European cities?
  3. Choose one of the following (25 points):
  4. Describe how and why the Tudor dynasty were involved in the Age of Exploration, including the roles played by Henry VI, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, and Elizabeth I.
  5. Compare and contrast the involvement of Spain and Portugal in the race to expand and colonize the New World, including how each nation became involved in exploration. C. Choose one of the following (25 points)
  6. Trace the impact of the Reformation in England from Henry VII to Elizabeth I

Homework Answer on Western Civilization

Question 2

Renaissance thrived well in Venice and Florence due to the proper blending of the facilitating factors such as politically active citizens, wealth, and humanitarian movements. In Florence, leadership was shared from the greater to lesser in the society unlike in other cities in which power was left to monarchs. Besides, Florence was a city with money and rich financers. In the 1400, Florence developed classical civilization that surpassed the medieval beliefs that narrowed to church doctrines.

Question 3

Tudor dynasty sent several sailors to exploit the new lands majorly for adventure and money. Henry VI initiated the study of the northwestern route to Asia. Henry VIII separated England from the church and made all readings in Latin and the Catholic priests not to marry.Edward I removed images from altars and formed a common book of prayer in English. Mary I restored the doctrine and practice of the Catholic. Elizabeth Imerged and controlled the protestant doctrine and the Catholic rituals.

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Question 5

Henry VIII having had no male heir, made it possible for her only daughter Mary to be the heir of the kingdom, something considered unnatural for women to rule men. In addition, having married a brother’s wife he went against both the canon law and the bible leading to dissension from Pope Julius II. The parliament also reformed and bestowed Henry VIII as the head of the religious matters in the kingdom.