Sample History Essays On War as a Foreign Policy Instrument

Homework Question on War as a Foreign Policy Instrument

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  1. Is it possible to “outlaw war as a for. policy tool”? Support your answer
  2. How did economics affect the politics of the 1920’s? Support your answer. our course is about War World 2

Homework Answer on War as a Foreign Policy Instrument

Various wars at different periods in time have played a great role in shaping the history of the world. The First World War, Second World War and the Cold War, for example, created consequences that are still experienced in the global economic and political arena today. Wars are still fought today, and governments often consider it as a viable foreign policy tool. This paper discusses war as a foreign policy instrument and shows why it is possible to outlaw its application by governments.

It is possible to outlaw war in foreign policy because evidence shows that it no longer works. An investigation into the interventionist strategies of the United States in Iran, Iraq Afghanistan and Syria, reveals persistent failure of the wars. The set out objectives of maintaining political and economic stability have not been achieved. On the contrary, it has resulted in collateral deaths of citizens and massive destruction of infrastructure.
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In the United States, for example, the constitution gives power to the congress to declare war. However, a closer look at developments in the White House reveals that this power has been transferred to the president. This implies that some of the wars the United States is fighting are illegal. The unconstitutionality of these wars can be used as a valid ground to outlaw their use in foreign policy.