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Homework Question on The Person Kofi Annan

  1. Who is Kofi Annan?
  2. What did he do i his life?
  3. What is his personality, trait?

Homework Answer on The Person Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan is a Ghanaian diplomat and was the United Nation’s seventh Secretary General, having served from 1997 to 2006. He was the pioneer of the ranks of the United Nations staff (Meisler, 2008). He is an individual that has been noted to be cautious and exercises a serene style of leadership.His career with the UN started in 1962, as an administrative and budget officer with the World Health Organization in Geneva and between 1974 and 1976, he worked as the director of tourism in Ghana.

In the eighties, he went back to the UN as the Assistant Secretary-General. In 1987, he served as the Human resources manager and security coordinator and in 1990 as the Programme planning, budget, and finance, and controller. In 1993, he began the peacekeeping operations (Meisler, 2008).Kofi Annan attempted advance gender equality in the administration of the UN by appointing Louise Frechette of Canada, as the first female deputy secretary-general.

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He was appointed for a second term in office as the Secretary-General in early 2002, which was an indication of his dedication and popularity (Meisler, 2008).After his departure from the UN, he went back to Ghana, where he was actively involved in various organizations, including the Global Humanitarian Forum, The Elders, and the United Nations Foundation. In 2012, Kofi Annan was selected to be the U.N.-Arab League special representative to Syria in efforts to put a stop to the continuing conflict. However, he resigned in August the same year, citing that there was a lack of progress given the intransigence of all the involved sides.