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  1. How they believe they were built
  2. How they made it like that way
  3. How did they moved it
  4. Explanations with evidence how they moved it -No title between the page only on the top of the page. These are the sources my instructor asked me to use 1-Grajetzki, wolfram (2006). the middle kingdom of ancient egypt. gerald duckworth & co. ltd. isbn o-7156-3435-6 2-Richards, janet (2005).
  5. Society and death in ancient egypt. cambridge university press. isbn 0-521-84033-3 books books that the instructor told me to use are
  • A History of ancient Egypt ( from the first farmers to the great pyramid) by john romer
  • The middle kingdom of ancient egypt by wolfram grajetzki 3-lives of the anceint egyptians by thames & hudson

Homework Answer on The Middle Kingdom of Egypt

Built at a time when Egypt was one of the richest and most powerful civilization in the entire worlds, pyramids remain among the most magnificent manufactured structures in account[1]. Their scale is a reflection of the unique role Pharaoh played in the ancient Egypt. Beginning from the Old Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom, pyramids were built to maintain the majesty of the king, offer a glimpse of the country’s rich and glorious history.

The Middle Kingdom (c. 2000 -1700 BC) for the ancient Egyptians was a classical era defined by art, history, and literature. Among the strongest ever dynasties to rule was the 12th dynasty, which ruled regions along the bank of Nile. Some kings within this region were later adored as local gods and later became renowned among the classical Greek authors. Egyptologists however did not focus on other elements other than the unique royal sculpture and building of pyramids of that period.

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The Middle Kingdom of Egypt is also referred to as the period of Reunification[2]. This is the era in history within 2000BC-1700 BC, which stretched from the foundation of the 11th Dynasty to the 12th Dynasty. In this period, Osiris became the most significant deity in the entire region. There are two phases, which ruled the kingdom; the 11th Dynasty that governed Thebes and the 12th Dynasty that governed thereafter.