Sample History Essays On The Great Depression

Homework Question on The Great Depression

  1. This discussion posting requires you to take on the first person role of someone living during the time of the Great Depression.
  2. Tell us what happened to you during this time, what hopes you had and how you survived or not survive.
  3. The choice is yours. A woman with many children with or without a husband, an unskilled laborer, farmer who was fighting the dust storms, a banker who did or did not lose your fortune and simply rich and was not affected at all. These are just a few of the members of society that you can choose from.
  4. By all means, be creative and create a plausible short story of your plight or lack thereof during the Depression.       

Homework Answer on The Great Depression

The Great depression occurred between 1920 and 1939, and it was the longest-lasting and deepest economic slump in western industrialized countries. Millions of investors panicked and left the stock market after the October 1929 crash as the great depression hit the United States.As a wheat farmer, the early 1920s were great years as there was increased production due to new crop varieties and new technology.

The cost of farming per acre of land had decreased playing as a great incentive to farmers for more expansion. The agriculture sector was more affected by the great depression in the latter years of 1920s. The price of wheat hit very low levels leading to lower profits than before. This meant that I had to cultivate more land or change the variety of the crop to be able to produce enough to fund for the farm payment and equipments.

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The economic conditions in the united states went from bad in the 1920s to worse in the early years of 1930s. Farmers on the Great Plains where I was were hit the hardest.We were forced to ask for government assistance which rarely solved all the problems and we keep hopes that the economic conditions would go back to normal. Despite the government support, I could not maintain the operations on my farm since I had less equipment and less variety. This led to dwindling of produce to thus I was forced to leave my land.