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Homework Question on The Freudian Theory

  1. What use, if any, does Freudian theory as articulated in Civilization and Its Discontents have for understanding the appeal of warfare, modern dictatorships, and fascism as described in Paxton’s Chapter 7 (Paxton Europe in the Twentieth Century, 5th Edition (Coursesmart eBook)?
  • Compose your answer in a five- to seven-paragraph response, being sure to cite evidence from the Freud text to support your answer (in-text citations are fine).
  • You may also wish to draw specific examples from the Paxton textbook to support your observations.

Homework Answer on The Freudian Theory

The Freudian theory is an analysis that focused on exploring the human mind. The theory was to find ways to explain human behavior and also create procedures that would treat mental illness. Through the study of this theory, people have been able to understand different mechanism associated with human behavior.The Great Depression lead to political issues in various parts of the world, leaders trying to protect their resources and acquire some resources from other states.

Some countries neglected to inter-trade with other countries for aw materials, since the recipient countries were able to use the materials to create final products that would be sold to the other countries producing it, at a higher cost.[1]However, in some countries, the political and military leaders, opted to acquire the largest portion of their economy forcefully, by lying to the citizens that they will be able to bring up the country’s economy.[2]

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The response that the European countries intended to undertake in order to end the Great depression was to respond to welfare capitalism, which was assumed to be able to create a responsible awareness by the European countries, on fairly distributing the wealth and power equally. Apart for this purpose, it was also believed that the welfare would be able to enhance security against cases of bankruptcy, destitution and also unemployment.[3]