Sample History Essays On Syria Conflict

Homework Question on Syria Conflict: Amnesty says Rich Nations Failing Refugees

  1. Find a news item related to an event in the Middle East or Islamic world, dated Sept. to Dec. 2014. Then, prepare five, one-paragraph notes to accompany the news article.
  2. These notes should give the reader some historical background or commentary on people, places, ideas, terms, or other information necessary to understand the significance of the article.
  • Submit your notes via Blackboard, and include a link to the original news article.

Homework Answer on Syria Conflict: Amnesty says Rich Nations Failing Refugees

In the article “Syria conflict: Amnesty says rich nations failing refugees”, The BBC NEWS, MIDDLE EAST (2014) is alarmed by the Syrian plight raised by Human rights group, Amnesty International which castigates world rich nations for failing to help resettle the languishing Syria refugees, 4 years since more than 3 million and over 6.5 m internally diplsced Syrians fled conflict that erupted into civil war between President Bashar al-Assad allied forces and those opposed to his rule.

Amnesty international takes a swipe at rich nations for failing to help the abandoned Syria refugees. Amnesty decries over lack of concern and decreasing number of the nations ready to offer refuge. China, Russia and Europe nations blamed for taking small refuge compared to Germany and Sweden which have taken a good number.European nations are willing to offer only 1.7 % of 3.8 m refuge taken by Syria’s regional  neighbours.

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This has left the ill-prepared Syria’s neighbours to share the burden as Amnesty laments on lack of Global concern and poor response from these nations  stressing that such laxity has been occasioned by needless raised alarm over increased immigrants in Europe.Most refugees fled to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq Egypt,Turkey and as influx of refugees continue to strain them internationally community has fold its hand. In contast Gulf states have refused to take refugees as Amnesty notes instead of borrowing a leaf from above nations as they have same linguistic and religious ties.