Sample History Essays On Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1937-1945

Homework Question on Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1937-1945

  1. This aim of this research essay is to analyze one newspaper article written between 1939 and 1945.
  2. Develop an argument about the similarities and differences between that report on an event and later interpretations of that event in historical writing.
  • Word: 2000 Topic: Sino-Japanese conflict, 1937-1945 Newspaper article: At least one from London Times or Canadian war museum’s newspaper clipping collection. ( search them online) Secondary sources: at least five written after 1945.
  • These must be academic books and articles. (no book reviews, no magazine articles and no websites)

Homework Answer on Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1937-1945


The newspaper article to be analyzed in the entire paper is “Reports of the League of Nations’ Far Eastern Committee.” The New York Times, 6 October 1937. (Accessed 9 November, 2014). The interpretation of Sino-Japanese war can be different from the old and current newspaper authors and article. The older article provides an historical account of how the Sino-Japanese war was devastating in both Japan and China.

Considering the presence of cheap labor and many resources, Japan decided to invade China in 1937.This led to the inception of the Sino-Japanese war in 1937. Later in the year, “the Japanese army entered in China taking over the cities and raping women among other problems.”[1]This real war needed strong policies and interventions to stop the encroachment of China by Japan. The older articles indicate how the Japanese and Chinese authorities used the posters to influence the Chinese people. They lacked cooperation and negotiations to handle the conflicts.

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The paper will examine the different interpretations by various authors and scholars on the Sino- Japanese conflicts. Various scholars have developed case studies and various analyses to understand the legitimacy of the Chinese resistance for the Japanese interventions. The reports of the League of Nations’ Far Eastern committee article in the late 1736 October offers a relevant analysis of the history of present conflicts in Japan. In spite of the superiority of the Japanese military, the Chinese authorities were ready to fight for their nation.