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Homework Question on Rome Engineering An Empire

  • Please watch Rome: Engineering an empire
  • Write a 250 word summary of the documentary that identifies at least 5 Roman building projects covered in the film.
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Homework Answer on Rome Engineering An Empire

The Roman Empire was one of the world’s strongest civilizations. It was renowned for its army’s physical and military prowess, but, records indicate that it drew its strength from the properly- planned and engineered structures.The first roman building covered in the film is Cloaca Maxima, which was designed to drain wastewater out of the towns and other private areas then transported out into the Tiber River.

Though initially the Cloaca Maxima were designed into a series of open canals, they were later  turned into a sewer system that served the area.The second roman building covered in the film is Pantheon, which was a huge building designed to mark Augustus’ reign. Although it was made of unreinforced concrete, Pantheon remains to be the largest dome in the world. Since its completion, the Pantheon has been serving as a church.

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The third building covered in the film is Rhine Bridge, which was designed to be a typical exemplary structure. It was not only strategic, but it enabled Caesar to cross over and wage war with the tribes on the opposite side of the river Rhine. It was built twice because Caesar ordered the initial bridge destroyed.The fourth building covered in the film is Ancient Roman aqueducts, which were used for the supply of water in and out of the town.