Sample History Essays On Napoleon Bonaparte

Homework Question on Napoleon Bonaparte

  • In the Final Essay Assignment you will need to respond to two of the three questions given. The essays should be your personal opinion and thoughts; do not conduct research or use other resources.
  1. What leader that was studied in this course impacted history the most?
  2. Choose the leader who impacted history either good or bad and explain the rationale for your answer giving at least four specific examples of how this leader impacted history.
  3. Why was this leader so important and impactful?
  • They can be from any time in history, not necessarily the modern era.
  • They do not have to have been kings or Presidents, although those could be.
  • This essay is to be at least 200 words.

Homework Answer on Napoleon Bonaparte

Not many men have the power to dominate an age thoroughly like Napoleon. Napoleon can be compared to the great dictator Adolf Hitler in many ways. He was immensely charismatic, had mastered psychology, and was highly ambitious. Napoleon’s influences were felt everywhere, and his impact on history is a point of analysis. This paper will analyze Bonaparte impact on history.

Napoleon valued the concept of equality, and considered the concept as a politically useful tool that he could use to maintain his position. All the men under his influence were considered equal, he introduced the Napoleonic codes. The codes made every man under his rule equal, all women were under the control of the men, and this prevented them from improving their legal positions.

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Napoleon highly considered nationalism an ideology that could help maintain loyalty in France. It was the ideology of nationalism that played a major role in inspiring his armies in a number of victories, and helped him rise to power. To cultivate the concept of nationalism, Napoleon created a personality cult that made the French people identify with him and make loyalty to him that was equivalent to the French loyalty. This move weakened the inspirational force of nationalism and his power.