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Homework Question on Mikhail Bakunin

  1. Write a research paper on the russian revolutionary anarchist, Mikhail Bakunin.
  2. Write about his ideas and the important things he did. also do not use sources such as wikipedia, use scholarly sources.

Homework Answer on Mikhail Bakunin

Born in 1814 and living to 1876 history hails Mikhail Bakunin, a Russian philosopher as the father of anarchism, having a central role as the creator and perpetrator of  revolution in Europe (Prichard 30). He was also a prolific writer having put his thought in volumes of books, essays, and journals pressing for his idea of Collective Anarchism, and through these made a huge contribution towards the establishment of theoretical and political anarchism with discussions on revolutionary goals and methods, as well as plans for social restructuring.

Mikhail had zeal for social revolution, a factor that earned him the reputation of among the most vocal and lively radicals of the century, a passion that drove him in his country to country expedition pursuing rebellion that would ignite continental revolution (Barsky 623). Mikhail’s actions and philosophical ideals in journals, essays, newspapers, and magazines made him a model and leader to many uprisings, with notable commandeering of significant movements in Italy and Switzerland (Prichard 31).

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Although his vision sought to oust the ruling powers of Europe, replacing them with libertarian socialism, it was chiefly supplanted by the Marxist ideologies, which were largely authoritarian socialism (Morris 191). He had envisioned the annihilation of institutional government and the establishment of a federation of cooperative communities, a vision that continue to inspire radical thought today.