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  1. How Was Louis XIV Able To Create An Absolute State In France?

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The term absolutism generally means that one individual exercise full political authority over the subjects. Louis XIV is one of the greatest rulers in history that strongly believed and practiced absolutism political theory. Louis XIV inherited the throne from his father and started the long reign in the year 1661. The statement “I am the state,” which meant he had all the powers was well known during the Louis XIV reign in Europe. Louis XIV wanted to be more powerful than his father was and therefore employed various strategies to create an absolute state in France.

First, Louis XIV used the idea that a lawful king was to monopolize the country’s force and power and through this idea, he became the sole decision maker during his reign. Louis created a large army that he used to subdue the opponents and expand the kingdom. Moreover, Louis XIV also had absolute control over finance of the French monarch. By having full control over the finance and army, Louis XIV was able to create an absolute state in France.

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Another strategy used by Louis XIV to create an absolute state in France was choosing people who were fully dependent on him for money and status for government positions. This implied that the people holding these positions were completely loyal enabling Louis XIV to have full control in decision-making thereby establishing absolute state. Moreover, Louis XIV sought after eliminating feudalism, which persisted in some parts of France and he compelled noble elite to dwell in his magnificent palace in Versailles thereby succeeding in pacifying aristocracy.