Sample History Essays On Leadership Styles Of General Lee

Homework Question on Leadership Styles

  • Watch the movie Gettysburg by clicking on the following link:
  • After watching the entire movie, answer the following essay question:
  1. Compare and contrast General Lee and Colonel Chamberlain in their leadership styles.
  2. Do you believe their leadershop styles had a deciding affect on the outcome of the battle of Gettysburg?
  3. Why or Why not? Be sure you include specific examples from the movie to support your position.

Homework Answer on Leadership Styles

The movie Gettysburg focuses on two men, General Lee and Colonel Chamberlain, who take leadership positions while they both find themselves under different conditions and circumstances. Using seemingly different yet similar leadership principles, both leaders see the status of their circumstances change as a result of their decisions. For example, the movie shows Colonel Chamberlain victory over some rebellious mutineers due to what is a testament to his remarkable character.

General Lee, on the other hand, led a strong army using his outstanding wisdom and skills. Comparing the two leaders’ leadership styles, it is evident that they maintain situation awareness in all decisions. Effective leaders are conscious of their situations and make critical decisions that anticipate the required action. Both General Lee and Colonel Chamberlain improvise in order to suit their tactics to rapidly changing environments. For example, when the Confederates seem to have gained an upper hand, General Longstreet suggests that they pull back.
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General Lee makes a critical and informed decision to dismiss General Longstreet because General Lee believed the situation was different and that they had managed to “scare” the Federal Army. General Lee was aware that backing out would give their enemy an advantage of reassembling into a better army.