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  1. Who was Isaac Murphy and how does his story connect to the African American experience?

Homework Answer on Isaac Murphy

The popularity of the Africa-American legendary jockey is brought about by the fact that he became famous a time when racial bias against the blacks was at the peak. Born in 1861 in Kentucky, Murphy developed interest in horses at a very young age of 14 years. His selection to the Hall of Fame racing was historical as he was the first African-American to be selected, and was one of the two black men who received the honor. Murphy was a well celebrated jockey among the Africa-Americans because he proved them wrong about white supremacy.

During the time, the Africa-Americans were considered to be an inferior race but Murphy proved the notion wrong by becoming one of the best jockeys in the world.  In 1890, Murphy was challenged to compete with a white jockey to determine whether he could beat a white man. The victory that Murphy gained in the race was phenomenal as it further proved to the society that black was not an inferior race.With the best winning average in history, Murphy was among the highest paid jockeys that enabled him to invest in real estate.

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He was also the first Africa-American to own a racehorse. Although he died from pneumonia in 1895, Murphy’s legacy lives on. He confirmed to the whites that blacks could do well in their endeavors and succeed. Additionally, he set an example to the Africa-Americans that they could succeed as equally as the whites. The fact that he was able to beat the whites proved to the society that the race was not superior. The Africa-Americans were thus challenged to have the same determination that Murphy had despite his racial and economic background.