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Homework Question on Industrialisation

  1. What were some of the social, political, geographic, and other factors that can explain why Great Britain was the first nation to industrialize?

Homework Answer on Industrialisation

Britain was the first country to industrialize because of a couple of factors. Britain relied mainly on wood as a source of energy, which meant it had large sources of coal that were not tapped. These coal mines provided cheap energy that was used in industries and transport systems. This coal was to be very useful because the country had a large workforce comprised of its citizens and slaves from its colonies. Colonies were sources of raw materials and markets for finished products.

These were two conditions that most countries did not have. Britain had the highest number of colonies mostly those, which were well endowed with natural resources that were important at the time. Its citizens were educated and provided skilled labor that was crucial in development of industries. People also had a positive working attitude and were willing to migrate from the countryside to the cities to provide labor. This led to rapid growth of industries as Britons supplied skilled labor, and slaves’ cheap manual labor.

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Britain is located in a region that was free from wars. The country was fighting in its colonies against insurgents and invasion by other European countries. This meant that its industrialization plans at home went ahead without interruption. This was a huge advantage to the country bearing in mind at that time most nations were at war with their neighbors. This forced their governments to concentrate on the war rather than industrial growth.