Sample History Essays On Holocaust Museum and History Today

Homework Question on Holocaust Museum and History Today

  • Answer the following questions:
  1. What connection does the holocaust museum have with world history today?
  2. Apart from Jews, Gypsies, and other well known groups. Were African Americans/Blacks involved in the holocaust and what was their fate?

Homework Answer on Holocaust Museum and History Today

In the world history, the Holocaust has been the methodical, administrative, state-funded persecution and killing of about six million Jews through the Nazi administration and its associates. It offers one of the most real subjects for inspecting basic ethical matters. An organized analysis into this history gives critical teachings for an exploration into human behaviour. It also helps to handle one of the essential obligations of education in the US.

This mandate helps in examining the implication of being a responsible national. Spiritually, the Holocaust museum incites two predicaments (Magid, 2012).  Concerning the Jews, there is the challenge that God seemingly did not hold to his covenant with his Chosen People, and accepted two thirds of the European Jewry to be murdered. Alternatively, for Christians, the Holocaust necessarily changes their association with Jews.

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Apart from the Jews, the Gypsies, and other well-known groups, the African Americans were involved in the holocaust and some members of the US armed forces were liberators and witnesses to Nazi atrocities. The fate of the African Americans during the holocaust in Nazi Germany and in German-inhabited regions extended from segregation to persecution, neutering, medical testing through experiments, imprisonment, cruelty, and killing. Nevertheless, there was no methodical program for their abolition as there was for Jews and other similar assemblies (Carr, 2003).