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Homework Question on History Questions

  1. Which theory of History do you think is the most “correct?” Cyclical, Spiral, or Linear?
  2. Put yourself into the position of a Native American parent on a western reservation. If you had the opportunity to send your children to Pratt would you? Consider and discuss what benefits and/or what drawbacks there might be.
  3. Let’s say you were a teenage child – put yourself into their position – would you go? Why or why not?
  4. Use the Ellis Island link – 1) If you suspect that your family came to the US and entered through Ellis Island – use the search on the home page. If you find something and are comfortable with sharing, please let us know what you found.
  5. Review Ellis Island Immigrant Experience, Timeline, History carefully. Look especially at the peopling of America section – what do you note about the composition of immigrants in the 1820-70s time period versus the 1880s time period?
  6. If you watch Ellis Island video “” , what are your thoughts about the processes used to allow people into the US during that time?
  7. Please read about the lives of two Immigrants – Andrew Carnegie and Emma Goldman. As you will see, very different lives. What are your arguments for why each went in a different direction?
  8. Watch the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” The movie is actually a history of the 1890s. The characters represent important figures in US history during the decade. For example, the Scarecrow represents farmers. Please pick two of the characters and discuss their portrayal in the context of the events of the 1890s.
  • There are many websites that will give you hints or discuss this further, so please use the internet to research this.

Homework Answer on History Questions

1) I think the most correct theory of history is cyclical theory. The cyclical theory evaluates the constant reality of the varied aspects in the people’s lives. It is marked by temporary changes of energy and recycling of form. It implies that experiences affect the modern expectation to create a relevant societal focus and coexistence.  Thus, it is prudent to support the concept of the cyclical theory due to their practicability in the modern society.

2) If had an opportunity, I would send my children to Pratt Institute. Pratt has a rich history that helps in shaping both the academic and personal lives of the students. For instance, it has an international outlook through its enrollment of students from different countries across the world.  Other benefits include quality education. It is rated among the top interior design colleges in the world. However, the challenges are declining enrollment and financial problems that questions the quality of education in Pratt.

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3) As a teenager, I would be delighted to join Pratt for my education. I would enjoy learning with people from different cultures as well as obtaining improved architectural and artistic design skills. Pratt also consists of good climate and buildings that instill creativity and innovation. Among the various colleges, I think Pratt would be an amazing place for me to go and learn many things.