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  1. Define Historicism and describe its impact on English architecture in the eighteenth century.

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Architecture deals with construction of a structure in accordance with its function and in good appearance; in simple terms, it incorporates service and art of the structure. In light of this, historicism refers to the incorporation of past social-cultural institutions, which are historically determined to come up with artistic styles. The artists gather inspiration from the historic style to recreate new structures. In the 18th century, historicism had a great impact on the English architects’ designs; in this period, structures were constructed in relation to the urban expansion requirements.

Therefore, the structures were supposed to be of high quality, durable and reliable; however, there was a great uncertainty on the aesthetic appearance of the structures. There was a great confusion as the society, politicians, and religion differed on the most suitable outlook of the constructions. Additionally, technology innovation was in its initial stage; hence, there was a great uncertainty on which method to adopt.

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Consequently, the architects had to make a decision so that they could proceed with their construction activities. As a result, they settled on historicism that involved combining different traditional styles with the new elements to obtain a blend of completely various aesthetics beauty. This was generally referred to as a revival of architectural styles, which is the use of visual styles that reflected previous artisan designs. An example of such typical historicist house is the Stowe House located in Stowe, Buckinghamshire in England. The building depicts the traditional architect styles invented in the 15th century and the 18th century designs were blended together to bring out flair in aesthetic beauty.