Sample History Essays On Historical Place of Western Society

Homework Question on Historical Place of Western Society

  1. Please do an annotated bibliography of ten (10) secondary resources to identify the “historical place” of Western society from approximately 300 AD – 1700 AD and how other cultures impact the west .
  • Each annotation should include a bibliographic citation in MLA format and an evaluative summary of 150 words (no more or less). This should include a summary of the book, an evaluation of its merit, and how it connects to your overall argument. Conclude your project with an overall assessment of your bibliography.
  • What is the place of Western society in this period? How did these sources help you come to this conclusion?
  • Purdue University has an excellent online resource for such assignments: These 10 resources should be books of academic standing and not a reference resource (e.g., encyclopedia) or primary source.  Each sources of the 10 should be like this :
  • * Citation ( MLA )  Which it’s a summary of that resource .to help you out , the summary should include these points (so don’t write about the author ), it should be 150 word , 10 words more or less , please don’t write more . these are the points : – purpose / thesis  – summary / how the author made that argument
  • Evaluation / Critique – why ?  so consider these points for the each of the 10 resources , and don’t forget that each resource should be 150 words only
  • Finally , when you done with the 10 resources , you have to write a summary of 250 words about all the 10 resources that you wrote about

Homework Answer on Historical Place of Western Society

Bertrand, Russell. History of Western Philosophy. Psychology Press, 1946

Bertrand, is arguably the first writer to boldly introduce philosophy in the western world. His was an ambitious project yet it led to the introduction of philosophy. In this book, Russell provides an overview of complex ideas that have perplexed people over years. Russell’s brilliance and amazing power of reasoning is portrayed in the book.

It is also worthy to note that Russell’s book provides fundamental knowledge for those people interested in learning philosophy. The book also proves one fact that is arguably indisputable: philosophy originated in the western world. In addition to the philosophical writings, this book provides a comprehensive history on philosophy and some of the contributors of philosophy in the world. I can recommend this book to philosophy students as well as teachers who would wish to educate students on the history of western philosophy.

Homework Help

John Buckler, Bennett D. Hill, Clare Haru Crowston, Merry E. Wiesner-Hanks., A History of

Western Society, Combined Volume. Boston : Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2011, Print.

This book is one of the most successful history textbooks on western culture ever written. The book  captures students’ imagination and interest in the past. The book does not just give a narration of western culture. Instead, it brings to life all the ties of social history while narrating historical and political events in the most vivid way.