Sample History Essays On Historical Dilemmas of Modern Mexico

Homework Question on Historical Dilemmas of Modern Mexico

  • Modern Mexico is the byproduct of more than three centuries of Spanish colonial rule.
  1. What do you believe to be the lasting legacy of that period in the country’s history?
  2. In other words, how might we link the dilemmas of modern Mexico today to the colonial past?
  • In your response, consider matters of class, economics, gender, language, politics, race/ ethnicity, and/or religion
  • * Required Book “The Mexico Reader” Sources must be from this book plus, if there is any additional sources you can use them

Homework Answer on Historical Dilemmas of Modern Mexico


This paper discusses the historical dilemma of modern Mexico State, which is considered a byproduct of several centuries of Spanish colonial rule. The Spanish left a lasting legacy in Mexico, which is still influencing the country’s social, economic, as well as political affairs. This paper tries to link the dilemmas of modern Mexico to its historical colonial past, with more emphasis on the events of the past three centuries. Using illustrations, it considers various influencing factors such as race, ethnicity, politics, language, gender, religion, economics, as well as class.

The history of Mexico started with Spanish colonization around 16th century. During that time, the country was identified to have complex indigenous civilizations. The Spaniards entered Mexico after Columbus’s discovery of the continent during a time when most Europeans had interests in Latin America. They went to Mexico in search of land and extension of their colonial territories. They had powerful weapons and military. Hernan Cortes led the Spanish into a fierce battle with the local Mexican.

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The Mexicans lost the fight and since then the Spaniards became their colonial masters. They established their colony and ruled Mexico until the country got independence on September 16, 1810.During the colonial period, the Spanish control many aspect of Mexico’s economy such as land, governance, administration, agriculture, commerce, as well as trade among others. In essence, they plundered many resources from Mexico opening up trade to the Europe, which earned them much profit.