Sample History Essays On Hispanic Contribution to American Culture

Homework Question on Hispanic Contribution to American Culture

  1. Write an essay in which you explore the ways in which the Hispanic presences in the United states has shape the development of this country.
  2. You may consider how Mexicans in the american southwest contributed to the economic and social development of this part of the country in the early 19 century, the role of Hispanic labor during the industrial revolution that took place in the U.S after the American civil war, Hispanic participation in the U.S military during first and second world wars, and how Latinos in the U.S have influenced contemporary American culture and society.

Homework Answer on Hispanic Contribution to American Culture

The richness that is evident in the American culture is attributed to the varied traditions that were brought aboard by the immigrants as well as some other cultures that have emerged overtime due to the fusion of the different cultures. The Hispanic culture is said to have it pedigree in St. Augustine, Florida. Their culture can be sketched backwards to a period of more than 500 years. The Hispanics have shaped the socio-economic, political as well as the cultural structure of the American society.

Hispanics have and will continue to play a very important role in the all the aspects that make America. Their influence can be seen from the time they moved to American and the influences are progressively being witnessed. The Hispanic played a critical part in assisting to protect the emergence of America as a new republic. At the time American Revolutionary War, the governor of the Louisiana region sent armory to the military of General George Washington.

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This was in a bid to support the American Cause. The ammunitions send by the governor-included gunpowder, bullets, and other supplies such as coverlets and medications. After the war erupted, Governor Galvez outsourced reinforcements from nations like the Cuba in Spain and Puerto Rico to support the American militias. The Hispanics are significant in American’s political history. During 1844 elections, James Polk emerged as the president. The new president believed in expansion.