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Homework Question on Harvest of Empire

  • Compare and Contrast Essay Book: Harvest of empire (Revised Edition) Author: Juan Gonzalez Publisher: Penguin books Copyright: 2011
  • Read Chapters 8 and 9 of Gonzalez and write an assessment (250 – 500 words) of the Central American, Panamanian, and Columbian realities based on similarities and differences.
  1. Compare and contrast their experiences with the following categories: U.S. foreign policy; migration/immigration; racialization process.
  2. Conclude the essay with your impressions of their circumstances.
  3. Make sure you discuss the similarities and differences in the above listed categories.
  • Please reference all your sources with examples!!

Homework Answer on Harvest of Empire

Juan Gonzalez, the author of the harvest of empire, lived in New Yolk city. Gonzalez made a significant contribution in matters related to the Hispanics of the United States, including their origin. This paper analyses the similarities and differences of Central American, Panamanian, and Columbian, in relation to U.S. foreign policy, Immigration, and Rationalization.

The U.S. Foreign Policy

The social and political event that led to the immigration of Hispanics includes the civil war, such as in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. The main similarity that led to the adoption of the foreign policies is the rising number of immigrants to the United States. The U.S foreign policies led to the stabilization of the Guatemala in Central America. Guatemala had declined economically as a result of the civil wars.The United States policy however promoted mass migration leading to cultural and economic transformation of the Latinos. The U.S foreign policy played a great role in the economic and political stability in Central America and the Caribbean prior and after the cold war.

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The common characteristic of all the immigrants is that they encountered great challenges related to immigration on arrival to the United States despite the fact that the Hispanics are associated to high rates of employment and innovativeness in matters of business.