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Homework Question on First Crusade

  1. Cause of the First Crusade
  2. What contributed to the start of the Crusades?
  • Give 3 support and 3 reasoning

Homework Answer on First Crusade

Muslims took over the city of Jerusalem in 1076 AD. This was a huge blow to Christians because of the significance of this city to their religious lives. Muslim soldiers who were in control of the city were very harsh to Christian pilgrims. The only way this situation could be changed was through waging war against Muslims, and reclaiming all important Christian cities they had taken over. This quest to free Jerusalem and other cities led to the first crusade.

Christians volunteered to participate in this war for various reasons. There are those who felt it was the right thing to do because their holy city had been taken over by Muslims. They believed this was a holy war and God was on their side. They were motivated by the need to fight for their faith and restore glory to Christianity through freeing its most important cities. There was another group of Christians who had sinned and believed participating in this war would be a way of seeking forgiveness from God.

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A holy war was enough to cleanse any sin one had committed. The pope had also told them if they died they would qualify to join heaven. This motivated many Christians who led a sinful life, it provided an opportunity to appease their creator and gain forgiveness. Finally, there was a group that was targeting treasures found in the cities they would conquer. During those times, cities stashed treasures in temples and mosques and other important administrative buildings. Most invaders would leave with a fortune ending up rich after the way. This was the motivation behind a group of people that volunteered to join the first crusade.