Sample History Essays On Critical Capabilities and Requirements

Homework Question on Critical Capabilities and Requirements

  1. I want you to write about the Critical Capabilities and the Critical Requirements in The Battle of Henderson’s Field 1942. Oct 23-26.
  2. I want the critical capabilities in the first page and the critical requirements in the second page.

Homework Answer on Critical Capabilities and Requirements

Critical Capabilities

For four days, between October 23 and 26, 1942, during World War II, the U.S. and Japan engaged in a battle on and about the Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal. For the U.S., one critical capability concerned the Army’s strategic decision to construct a perimeter fence around the Lunga Point, whose effect was to restrict the rival Japanese army’s capacity to access the focus area of battle easily. The fence implied that the rival army was unable to utilize some strategic battle tactics such as landings on vantage points on the perimeter.

The fence provided a continuousline of shield against the Japanese for the U.S. military.A second critical capability concerned the U.S. army’s strong and strategic military tactics that allowed its strength over the Japanese (Miranda 13-17). Four American regiments that included 13 infantry battalions guarded the easternmost sector, the south-west across Edson’s Ridge, western side of Lunga, and the Matanikau River’s mouth, ensuring preparedness and adequate defense on all strategic points.

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Other critical capabilities for the U.S. were experienced, determined, and tough battalion commanders who deployed flexible and smart battle tactics, such as anticipating attacks and redeploying troops according to battle dynamics, and a superior military in terms of battleships, artillery power, and navy and air forces (Miranda 13-19). The U.S. military also concealed successfully the size of its army from the Japanese, influencing the advantage of surprise in force against Japanese plans.