Sample History Essays On Changed Roles of the American Military

Homework Question on Changed Roles of the American Military

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  1. How did interaction with the major players in the international system, the new territories acquired by the United States, and Native Americans change the roles of the American military?

Homework Answer on Changed Roles of the American Military

There has been a notable and progressive change in the American military since the acquisition of new territories and increased participation of the military in international systems. A great paradigm was experienced, from war-based tactics to collective security responsibility both nationally and internationally. Global views of operations and strategic plans were incorporated in the military schemes. The assumption that the role of the military was to win the American battles only was a constrained idea.

A great revolution was witnessed in the military in the 17th and 18th century in the era of conflict with Native Americans. The military had a collective responsibility of ensuring security and order was maintained. Therefore, with the turn of events, the military embarked on creating a permanent solution that could promote national development. New policies were created and implemented in order to handle the pressure that amounted from conflicts and war from the natives and the international community.

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Gaining international experience brought a new paradigm of handling issues a broad sense of responsibility. There was a shift from personal focus to multinational focus since the involvement of the military with main players in the international level. The new territories gave a wide area of operation and a venue to demonstrate moral responsibilities. A wide scope of intelligence, big venues of innovation, great skills and knowledge came as a result of increased participation in international system. In addition, clear strategies of handling conflicts were drawn from the experience.