Sample History Essays On American Slaves that Resisted Enslavement

Homework Question on American  Slaves that Resisted Their Enslavement

  • Write an essay on specific examples of American slaves resisting their enslavement.
  • Required Textbook: Give Me Liberty! An American History by Eric Foner, Seagull Fourth Edition, Volume 1.

Homework Answer on American  Slaves that Resisted Their Enslavement

According to Eric Forner in his book Give Me Liberty! An American History,many American slaves resisted their enslavement. Some of these slaves who fought against slavery include Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas, Jemmy, Gabriel, and Charles Deslondes. They resisted by leading other slaves in staging uprisings against slavery. Despite their small numbers, these slaves achieved milestones towards slavery emancipation, which led to their eventual freedom.

The actions of these personalitiesformed the foundation of future resistance and final emancipation and abolition of slavery.Nat Turner, who was a literate slave, led the famous Nat Turner’s Rebellion of 1831. He proclaimed that he possessed varied spiritual visions and organized a successful slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia. Particularly, this rebellion is also known as the Southampton Insurrection (Foner 138).

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Frederick Douglas was another American slave who resisted enslavement. Specifically, he was an abolitionist, a social reformer, a statesman, a writer, and an African-American orator (Foner 138). He was a slave in Maryland,but he escaped and became a renowned and vocal abolitionist movement leader.