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  1. Write an essay about African American in world war 2 but i want it to be simple

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World War II happened  to be the most destructive war that brought military conflict in that was experienced in the world between the year 1939 and 1945. World War 2 lasted for a period of six years. The most affected people who participated during the war were the African American citizens. Majority of them faced a lot of sequestration as well as racial discrimination both at home and within the military.

In fact, with all the discrimination and segregation that was posed to African American soldiers, both men and women served the country with distinction in spite of exposure to the harsh environment.The participants in the World War II constituted the world’s nations who had high powers and dominated by their leadership styles. All the key participants used all the resources which were basically economic and industrial resources to ensure that they win the war.

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The helping hands of black Americans were only the “saviors” that could make them victors. Equality and corporate unity were initiated by the government for civil rights to merge both the black and whites soldier so the same purpose.The war led to severe deaths and migration of blacks as a consequence of displacement. Individuals could not perform duties that required skilled and experienced members during loading of the trucks during the war and to bury the dead, which was operated using the machines.