Sample History Essays On African-Americans Struggle for Freedom

Homework Question on African-Americans Struggle for Freedom

  • Think of events, people or development in the period between 1788 and 1877 that would help you defend the following statement:
  1. “For whites, freedom, no matter how defined, was a given, a birthright to be defended. For African- Americans, it was an open-ended process, a struggle to transform the society and culture that had sustained slavery in the first place.”
  2. You should be able to discuss ***three*** events, people or developments that serve as evidence for this claim.
  3. Make sure they are drawn from a range of time periods between 1788 to 1877.

Homework Answer on African-Americans Struggle for Freedom

The period between 1780 t0 1870 is the time when African American established civil right movements to fight discrimination and upholding of their rights. Africans fought against racial discrimination, voting rights, equal access to social amenities, economic freedom and reforms in the judicial system, which was biased against Africans. The blacks were treated as sub-ordinates. There are a number of historical accounts and struggles which depicts how human rights in the united states was not a birth right but was an endless struggle in restoration of the dignity of the black man

Adoption of the new constitution by the US

The constitution was adopted in 1787. At this time, there existed bitter rivalry about who should be allowed to vote since black Americans were not allowed to vote completely. In the slave states, only white male persons had a constitutional right to vote yet the blacks were counted when they wanted to determine the number of house representatives each house should have. The whole argument about voting gave each state power to determine who has the rights to vote. In some states, only the rich white people had rights to vote. Since the minorities were locked out in the election of 1800, only 10% of the entire American population voted.

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Property ownership and restriction rights, 1788-1856

Initially the blacks were not allowed to own properties in the United States. The backs had to fight for 68 years to make them have access to economic resources. For one to run for an elected seat, she was a particular amount of wealth that he was supposed to have to be allowed to compete. This requirement locked out many Africans as they were not allowed to own property in the first place. After the struggle, the law was however changed to allow the blacks to run for elected seats. The development has seen various Americans of the black descent ascend to power to date.