Sample History Essay Paper on Who Was Responsible for Starting World War II?

The World War II, which was also referred to as the global war began in 1939 and ended in 1945. It involved many countries such as China, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Soviet Union. However, the involved countries were divided into two sides; the Allies and the Axis. The Soviet Union, China, United States (U.S), France, and England made up the Allies while Japan, Germany, and Italy made up the Axis.

Many controversies surround the question of who was the sole responsible for starting the war. For instance, the defense ministry of Russia claims that Poland was responsible due to the fact that she insisted in attaining her state of power hence refusing to fall for Germany’s ultimatums.  It is also believed that Adolf Hitler was responsible for this war by participating in the re-ignition of the Prussian militarism. His main agenda was to push Germany towards total world domination hence expanding it to the entire world.

Evidently, the causes of World War II are several putting into consideration the sources of information from the history of the war. The stories given from different perspective confirm the fact that World War II began on the basis of many issues. Firstly, Japan’s attack on the United States Pearl’s harbor was responsible for igniting the war with the United States. This war resulted in a series of battles such as the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of El Alamein, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf. These multiple events, including the invasion of Poland by Germany, ignited the war, which included several countries that took different sides.

In conclusion, in the midst of many controversies about the World War II, different series of events tend to have ignited the war. No one, in particular, can be considered as the cause since different countries participated differently.