Sample History Essay Paper on The Impact of the “Long Telegram” on America’s View on Allies

The Long Telegram by George Kennan was written purposely to unmask the toothless side of the USSR and Russia’s expansive tendencies. The U.S used the policy of containment to protect countries such as Germany after its collapse during the Second World War, Cuba, after its strained relationship with president Batista and the futile exercise in Vietnam (Art 78). Therefore, this paper discusses the policy of containment of these nations from the USSR’s dominance.

Hitler’s Germany endured defeat at World War 2 and with the salivating USSR over it, America would protect it from USSR (Art 78). Russia removed major industrial equipment from her occupation zone in Germany, rather than waging war against the U.S to try to win over Germany. The U.S. used the policy of containment to protect Germany from invasion by USSR.

Cuba had a strained relationship with the U.S. After the dethroning of Batista by Castro, the Soviets took advantage and pledged their support for Cuba. Letters of peace treaties were written by Russian president Khrushchev to withdraw the idea of attacking Cuba after they planted missiles in their yard to attack the U.S (Hansson 241). Concerning Kennan’s telegram saying that Russia was not a threat to capitalist states, a treaty was signed, and there was peace between Cuba and America.

Vietnam struggled at the hands of the French colonial rule after World War Two. Later, the U.S president expanded its support for the south militarily. The U.S used Kennan’s ideology in preventing the spread of communism in Vietnam (Borthwick 380). Kennan advised against militarization in their policy of containment and eventually lost to the communists.

Containment was a strategy to depower USSR in their conquest of power in many countries in Europe. The exercise worked in Germany, Cuba, and other countries but failed in countries like Vietnam, with lasting consequences to the U.S such as detained image militarily.

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