Sample History Essay Paper on the History Country-Liberia and Dragons


As a history student, it is always important to have intensive reading and research on various topics. This gives you a wider knowledge on history that you can use at any time in classroom setup and also in social forums. This week I decided to conduct some study the history of another country-Liberia and dragons to understand them more.

I managed to learn that the US had a great influence in the formation of state of Liberia. The nation which was founded in the year 1800s came into existence because of the US foreign policy interests and domestic politics specifically race and slavery. However, it is interesting to know that Liberia people are blacks whom the Americans decided to free to deal with the issue of growing number of blacks in the US. Just like the people of Haiti, the Liberians were resettled back to their continent by the whites. I also managed to learn that some of the African nations like Liberia were allowed to have independence by their white colonizers because of the existence of stronger force from the diplomatic white nations that had already settled or conquered the areas. However, those nations that took part in their making ended up forget or even not recognizing with them because of the impacts that the diplomats had on them or the ways in which they controlled their former slaves. In their own land in Africa, blacks were free especially after gaining independence meaning that the whites could no longer rule them or have a say in anything that they did.

Apart from African history, I decided to conduct a research on various reptiles or animals that are just known to exist in the past. I love animals especially those which sounds more like mythical creatures. This is what drove me to visit the Falvey Memorial Library to learn more about dragons. I came to the realization that they differed in size and behavior. There are those which were harsher towards people while others could be tamed.

In overall, my experience with my research was amazing and I managed to learn new things which I intend to use as sources of reference in future. I would definitely do more research to learn more about history of people, nations, animals, and even the environment.