Sample History Essay Paper on Mail-Order Brides

Mail-Order Brides

Mail-order brides refer to women who search for husbands from other countries by posting their photos in catalogs. Two centuries back, most mail-order brides hailed from wealthy countries. The brides aimed at getting suitors from Western frontier grounds. Later, the trend changed. Women from developing nations started posting their photos in catalogs with the hope of getting lovers from developed countries. Presently, mail-order brides use the internet to look for potential suitors. A majority of potential mail-order brides come from Southeast Asia, South America and states that were former members of the Soviet Union (Enns 45). In Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and others countries that were former members of the Soviet Union, women enlist for mail-order brides due to social and economic reasons.

A majority of the women in these countries work in informal sectors. Additionally, they are not recognized at workplaces and are paid poorly. In Russia, women earn less than a half of what men gets despite being in the same job group (Meng 199).  The women believe that taking suitors from a foreign country would give them an opportunity to leave their countries. The primary goal that motivates them to pose as mail-order brides is the hunger for economic emancipation. A majority of women in Asian states are unemployed. The lack of employment exposes them to dangers of malnutrition and other severe conditions. Therefore, they opt to look for suitors from developed countries as a way to empower them economically (Oksman par. 2). Not all women who join the mail-order bride business do so for financial reasons. Some women do it with the hope of securing citizenship in a foreign land. The citizenship would help them to relocate their families. 

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