Sample History Essay Paper on Effects of the Cold War in the United States

Effects of the Cold War in the United States

          One of the most significant events that occurred in the twentieth century is the cold war. The cold war not only influenced the social aspects of the United States but also affected its political frameworks and economy.

Politically, the cold war enhanced the foreign policy and administrative ideologies in the United States. According to Betts (2017), the cold war also influenced the country’s economy and brought significant changes to the American presidency, triggered by both internal and external changes. Socially, the cold war had a substantial impact on the personal lives of the United States citizen’s, which resulted in a climate of normalcy and conformity. Additionally, the rigorous indoctrination of the American citizens due to the cold war triggered the return of social reforms.

          The intensifying of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union led to a hysteria due to the perceived threats given by communists in the United States, commonly referred to as the Red Scare. The fear was instigated by Joseph McCarthy, who was a Republican senator and a leader functioning in line with the McCarthyism’s ethos (Bruscino, 2017). Thus, McCarthyism refers to the practice that attempted to reduce the threats posed by communists by detaining and accusing suspects, who were considered disloyal and disobedient to the American government. An example of a modern event that is parallel to the cold war is the conflict in Ukraine where it is creating a thousand-mile-long wall as its border mark with Russia.

          The cold war led to social and political effects in the United States. Some of these impacts include foreign policy and changes in the presidency. The intensification of the cold war triggered the Red scare. A current event that is parallel to the cold war is the conflict between Russian and Ukraine.


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